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Spring is for Sight Reading

Posted in Instruction Blog 25 Feb 13:53

The instructional scramble that is part of this time of year is exactly what caused me to begin to develop RhythmBee Rhythm Instruction. I remember the impossible challenge of allocating enough time to counting and sight reading practice while preparing three contest tunes that I approached with the seriousness of Solti preparing to conduct Mahler. Throughout my career as a Fine Arts Administrator, I observed the teachers that I supervised in the very same panic.

Obviously, the solution was to begin practicing counting and sight reading on the first day of school and to never miss a single day. That would have required a penchant for details that I did not possess. So I determined that I could assist my younger colleagues by providing a set of sequential exercises that would make that daily practice a no-brainer.

When using RhythmBee's Rhythm Instruction material, all that is required is to open the next instructional unit and press "Play." The steady building of counting and sight reading skills happens with or without teacher involvement. Even the instruction required to move on to the next counting challenge is provided within the instructional unit.

As a result, RhythmBee assures that students from Middle School A and Middle School B are developing identical skills using the same methodology and vocabulary. When they become part of the same high school program, they merge seamlessly into a more advanced whole.


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