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Kodaly Rhythm Instruction (Ta-Ka-Di-Mi)

  • The Kodaly Rhythm Method is a time-tested way to teach rhythm reading in the K-5 General Music class.  The syllables are consistent and uncomplicated because there is little need to identify the beats by number at this point in the students' development.

    Using the Kodaly rhythm syllables (TaKaDiMi) with the RhythmBee sequence, the General Music teacher can use a single engaging instructional method from Pre-K (image recognition and rhythmic audiation), through the intermediate years (Kodaly), and finally to the Elementary Edition of the RhythmBee Sequence.  With all of those in RhythmBee automation, the teacher can monitor the progress of each student, because the curriculum is self-explanatory and automatic.

    We include the Kodaly Rhythm Material with the Elementary Edition of our Rhythm Program and with the General Music Sets.

Curwen Hand Sign Solfege Instruction

  • Curwen Hand Signs are a system of hand signals used to assist students (children or adults) in learning to read and sing pitches using the common solfege syllables.  When children sing and use hand signs, they incorporate visual, kinesthetic, oral, and aural modes of learning all at once.  They love it!

    RhythmBee’s Curwen Hand Sign Solfege units provide teachers a systematic, structured way to teach their students to truly READ music.  Because the units use familiar pitches and patterns “out of context,” they force the brain to grasp concepts rather than memorizing patterns.

    Currently material is available for the beginning 3 pitches in common Kodaly methodology.  Although these pitches are most commonly taught in 1st grade, the units would serve as a great source for review and independent practice for older students.  Second grade material is now in development and will be added later this year.

    *Teacher Demo Unit 1

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