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RhythmBee Challenge is On Hold


I am Dr. Green, the creator of RhythmBee and RhythmBee Challenge. 

I hope you will adopt the goal of becoming the best musician you can be. By participating in RhythmBee Challenge, you get special opportunities to work toward that goal. If you are a member of a beginning band or at that grade level, you may enter either or both of these RhythmBee Challenge Competitions. For now, we are conducting competitions only for the beginning band level. We may expand to other levels soon.

  1. RhythmBee Counting Challenge: (More info at the link below) Counting rhythms accurately is the first step in becoming a fine musician. Mastering that skill makes everything else easier. Even someone who has never counted rhythms can rise to a high level in the Counting Challenge. You choose the tempo, and you may use whatever counting system is most familiar to you. Choral, orchestra, and other music students at the same grade level as beginning band may enter the Counting Challenge.

  2. RhythmBee Playing Challenge: (More info at the links below) The Playing Challenge is an opportunity to put all of your musical skills together. Your competition video will be you playing your best on the Challenge Music, and you select the tempo.

Click on the selected link below to go to the order page.

A winner will be selected in each of the following categories:

RhythmBee Counting Challenge - May be entered by any student in grades 4-6 (10-13 years old)

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Flute

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Oboe

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Clarinet (all)

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Bassoon

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Saxophone (all)

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Trumpet/Cornet

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - French horn

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Trombone

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Euphonium/Baritone

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Tuba

RhythmBee Playing Challenge - Mallet percussion

Here is how the RhythmBee Challenge works:

  1. Enter the RhythmBee Counting Challenge, the RhythmBee Playing Challenge, or both. (Each entry is only $5.00 US.) 

  2. Watch your email for the log-in codes. Log-in codes and a link to your our Performance Video File will be sent within 24 hours of your entry.

  3. Use the log-in codes to get the RhythmBee Challenge material in your browser. (Any computer (Mac or Windows) and most android phones can stream this material, but neither Ipad nor Iphone can do so.)

  4. Just use your browser to stream the material, and follow the directions you will find there.

  5. Work up your skills using the Practice Lessons. Increase the tempo to the highest level that still allows you to perform perfectly.

  6. Work up the Challenge Music to perfection, then begin to increase the tempo. Remember that performing perfectly is much more important than how fast you perform.

  7. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, make a video showing your face as you perform the Challenge Music.

  8. When you are satisfied with your performance recording, simply upload your recording to our Performance Video File.

    All competition videos must be received before March 3.

    Please address all questions to:

Competition videos will be be judged by professional musicians. Exemplary performances, including all perfect performances, will be posted on our YouTube channel. The best performance of each competition category or combination of categories will be awarded a $50 gift card.