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Melody Edition Teachers Guide (Solfege Instruction)

Like all of the RhythmBee instructional programs, the Melody Edition ensures that all students can "follow" the instruction.  The automated lessons use visual cues to keep everyone engaged and in the right place.  With this method, every student eventually gets it.

The Melody Edition provides an accompanied call to which the students provide an unaccompanied echo using solfeggio syllables and/or note names (teacher's choice).  While the students are performing, the teacher is able to circulate through the class to monitor every student.  The automated instruction makes time for individual monitoring, private instruction, and even assessment without sending students out of the class and without an extensive teaching staff.

The entire Melody Edition includes twenty-six five minute units in each of eleven keys (no G-flat).  The units progress from the simplest skills in Unit 1 to the most complex in Unit 26.  Each unit concentrates on one particular skill-set.  See the Contents section on the left side of this page.

Melody Edition Contents (Solfege Instruction)

Unit #        Skill

  1. Stepwise movement
  2. Stepwise plus the tonic arpeggio
  3. Stepwise plus arpeggio fragments
  4. Arpeggio fragments
  5. Sol-Mi-Do
  6. Sol-Mi
  7. Do-La Descending
  8. Do-Fa and Do-Sol Ascending
  9. More Do-Fa and Do-Sol
  10. Do-Fa and Do-Sol Descending
  11. Fa-Re
  12. Sol-La
  13. General Review
  14. La-Fa-Re and Re-Ti-Do
  15. Fa-Re and Re-Ti
  16. More Fa-Re and Re-Ti
  17. Do-La Ascending
  18. Octaves
  19. More Octaves
  20. Descending intervals
  21. More Descending intervals
  22. Challenging patterns
  23. Relative natural minor
  24. Relative natural minor
  25. Relative melodic minor
  26. Chromatics