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Our virtual conductor, Maestronome provides a tireless beat pattern in any time signature and at any tempo.  With that matter handled via digital automation, the director is able to be near any section or individual to better hear what is happening in the room.

In addition to freeing the teacher to move about the rehearsal room, Maestronome reveals this surprising truth. Almost all conductors change tempo in sympathy to the ensemble.  Think not??  Give it a try.

  1. Select a piece of music that your students can handle easily.

  2. Select a tempo that does not challenge their ability to play this selection confidently.

  3. Start Meastronome in the time signature of that piece and at the selected tempo.

  4. Start the ensemble playing the selection in time with Maestronome.

The ensemble's relationship with Maestronome is the issue, so move to a place that allows you to see Maestronome as you listen carefully to the ensemble.  If things go awry, don't stop the ensemble immediately.  See if they can recover without your intervention.  If not, you have a created perfect teachable moment.

Of course, using Maestronome is not something that any director should do all the time.  But it is a technique that makes a huge difference and is the fastest means of ensemble progress in certain situations.