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Installing RhythmBee Desktop Application

Here are the instructions for downloading, installing, and beginning to use the new RhythmBee Desktop Application Upgrade.

1. If you have already installed Adobe Air, you may skip to Step # 2. If you have not done this before, go to and download “Adobe Air.” This is the free “engine” that causes the app to function.

         a. Install “Adobe Air,” but it doesn’t matter where. This installation cannot harm your computer.

2. Make a “RhythmBee” folder and place it on your desktop.

3. Log into your RB account and download the Instructions into your RhythmBee folder.

4. Download the _________.air application to your desktop. Please read the rest of these instructions NOW so you are not surprised along the way.

5. When the download is complete, go to your desktop and double click on the application icon. This installer icon looks like a brown cardboard box.
       a. When you have the option for an install location, please install the application in your RhythmBee folder so we can find everything if needed.
       b. When prompted by the installer, allow the installer to place a shortcut icon on your desktop.

6. When the program opens, just poke around on the three-page Table of Contents and notice how it works. Then . . .

       a. Use the “Return to Table of Contents” button at the top of the page.
       b. Use the navigation arrow at the top to go to the page that gives you access to additional material.
       c. Click on a unit to note how it plays without the browser.

7. Use the “Return to Table of Contents” button.

7. When you are through playing with the application, close the application with the “closes the entire app” button in the upper right corner.

8. Find the RhythmBee icon on your desktop. It is a square with RB and a bee.

9. If there is no RhythmBee icon on your desktop, open your RhythmBee folder and drag the icon onto your desktop.)

10. Double click on the RhythmBee icon and notice how quickly it opens the application.

That should get you started. When there are changes to the material, we will contact you so that you can update your application.

Please feel free to call if there are any problems at all.

Dr. A.N. “Buzzy” Green, Founder/President
RhythmBee, Inc.