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Preparing your Computer

Create a new folder on your desktop and label it “RhythmBee.”

Before you download the RhythmBee material, get the latest Flash Player Projector. 

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Download Now" then select the "Windows Projector" or the "Mac Projector" as appropriate to your operating system.

  3. When the download is complete, open the file so that it installs on your computer.

The proper installation of the Flash Player Projector results in a blank white screen that seems to mean nothing.  We don't know why, but that is the indicator that the process is correct and complete. Just close that white screen and procede.




To download the instructional files in your subscription, click on  the Title link in your subscription. There you will find Zip files containing the various parts of our material. Each Zip file is labeled so that you will know what to download. Download the Zip file to your desktop so that you can open it and move the files it contains into your RhythmBee Folder. When a Zip file is fully downloaded, right click on the file and select "Extract" or something of that nature. When the extraction is complete, move the files to your RhythmBee folder.



Running the RhythmBee Files

With the files downloaded and placed in your RhythmBee folder, your computer may automatically find the “Flash Player” that you installed through the instructions above. You will know that it has found Flash Player if the files have the Flash Icon beside them and run independent of a browser. If not:

  1. Right click on any RB file in your RhythmBee folder.

  2. Select “Open with . . .“

  3. Select Flash Player and make it the default for files of this type. (The word Projector does not appear at this point.) If that is done, see Step 5 below. If not, go to Step 4.

  4. After selecting "Open with . . ," you may have to browse or even seach to find Flash Player, which you downloaded.  Look for an opportunity to make Flash Player the default program for that type of file. That will appear as a check box that says "Do this every time."or something like that.

  5. You may have to close and reopen your RhythmBee folder to make this happen, but you will know that you have succeeded when all of the RB files have the Flash icon beside them.

If everything has been accomplished correctly, every file of your subscription will be in your desktop RhythmBee folder and each file will have the Flash Player Icon (white background with a red F in it) beside it.

With the files downloaded, the Streaming Table of Contents may still work by opening the files in your default browser.

Alternatively, you will be able to go to your RB folder and open any RB file with a click (or double click), and the program will not use a browser at all.

Please call if there any problems that we can help you solve. Our record is very close to 100% at getting our program to work on Windows and Mac systems. We will work hard to maintain that record.

Dr. A.N. "Buzzy" Green cell phone:  903-790-0842