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4.  What RhythmBee units would I use to work on dotted quarter-eighth rhythms?  The dotted quarter-eighth rhythm is one of the most difficult to teach, and it is especially so because it is the first complicated difficult rhythm that students must learn.  We had to take a couple of shots at doing a good job of teaching that rhythm.  As a result, there are two units that do about the same thing, but they provide the opportunity for practice from different perspectives.

Unit 23.5 is the first unit that introduces this concept.  This unit was an addition that we produced to fill an instructional gap which was called to our attention by a concerned customer.

Unit 24 is the original unit that was not sufficient on its own for the detailed work that our clients wanted for developing this skill.  However, following Unit 23.5, it is great practice and important reinforcement of this important skill.