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2.  I would like to just purchase the program.  Why is a subscription necessary?  With the ever-increasing change in technology, a CD that we might sell you has an uncertain life span.  It is even possible that our CD would become obsolete to your district's technology the day after you buy it.  Furthermore, the next generation of our product may be months away from a release date.  We decided that we could not stand behind our work as we would like under those circumstances.

We also want to work toward the long-term improvement of our products and the state of music education.  That perspective means that we need continuous involvement.  CD sales do not offer that benefit to our business plan.

There are also advantages to our customers when they invest in our subscription service.  Here is a partial list of those benefits:

  1. With a subscription, we can guarantee that the material will work on your district's computers even if we have to make custom modifications for that to occur.  If we were selling CDs, we could not do that.
  2. We provide whatever consultation is necessary to get the material installed and working on your computer.  CD sales would require that our customers research their own technology and our latest CD's technical requirements.
  3. We assume the responsibility of staying up with the most current development software on the market.  For instance, we are developing next year's instructional material with the fifth generation of development software that we have used in the seven year history of our company.